Classes and one to one sessions in South Oxfordshire

Both public Pilates classes and private 1:1 Pilates sessions Didcot, East Hagbourne and Milton.

Principal Pilates was set up in 2011 by Caroline Hunt and aims to provide high quality Pilates teaching in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Principal Pilates has three main goals:

  1. Improving posture - Poor body alignment can have a debilitating effect on our lives, whether that takes the form of tension headaches or back pain. Principal Pilates focuses on good alignment throughout each session. An equally important focus is learning good movement patterns, particularly for the back.
  2. Enhancing fitness - Principal Pilates exercises can improve key areas of fitness including; stability, core strength, mobility, flexibility, coordination and balance. So, in combination with appropriate cardio-vascular exercise, you can enhance your overall fitness with Principal Pilates!
  3. Rehabilitation from back problems and other injuries in conjunction with a clinician - GPs often suggest Pilates classes for people with back problems. At Principal Pilates, clients needing rehabilitation can either be accommodated within classes (space allowing) or within 1:1 sessions.